Video Catalog Fireworks Pyrotechnics Santa Chiara

Contact Us is a website based on flash technology, whose main objective is the integration of video content into it.
The homepage consists of a series of elastic cells in which you can enter text and graphical content dynamically.
The home page is communicating with the fan page of the company, communicating automatically photos of fans in the fanpage. The like can be given directly from the corporate website and is subsequently cataloged by Facebook. The navigation of the first level consists of a mega menu studied for the insertion of the structured link.
The background of the site differs from section to section. The sections related to the offer of sale of fireworks, is introduced by a gallery of presentation, dynamically updateable and consists of images and texts that introduce the sale of fireworks. A board-level product, the offer is displayed by means of movies that propose the construction of fireworks. The integration of video is presented by Youtube.