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Capità - supplies Ho.Re.Ca.

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www.Capita.it is actually working in the field of catering supplies hotel on the market for several generations, well known in the reference room.
The main feature of the company is to boast a warehouse of over 20 000 prodotti.La our action consisted in abstracting the company management and automate data alignment towards e.commerce giving rise very quickly to the launch of the commerce, capitalizing cataloging already made by the company over time.
The site is characterized by the ability to dynamically adapt to the devices with which it appears.
Taxonomies organized: "Catalogazione- Brands - Types and Materials - Colors & Shapes" are concatenated into a filtering system that allow you to reach the desired product with ease and efficiency.
The filter for prices dynamically recognizes the lower price and higher content in the section that you are browsing and automatically positions favoring the identification of the range.
The page depth product is correlated with the taxonomy marks in a way to compensate for the lack of content to automation; one description carried out for taxonomy brand is distributed automatically to all products of the same brand.
A board-level product are correlations between products of the same brand and last seen.